What we do
LuxxorSteel™ Construction (LSC) is radically replacing conventional labour intensive building methods and materials. We offer Architects, designers, developers and potential homeowners the freedom to express their natural artistic flare without compromising quality or overall cost.

While this method of building has been used extensively in most leading regions such as North America, Europe, and Australasia for decades, it is only just being introduced and accepted in West Africa. Many professionals are coming to the understanding that LSC are supplying a far superior product when compared with conventional building methodology used in the West African region.

Characteristics synonymous with LuxxorSteel™ Construction Systems include; engineered quality, design freedom, cost efficacy, energy efficiency, as well as speed of erection for both residential and commercial buildings. As a fully integrated organisation, LSC is in a unique position to offer complete Turn-Key services. We have our own in-house framing engineering and production factory, a fully integrated construction team, comprising of both Mechanical& Electrical and specialist finishing teams. We also have a very active procurement group which extensively collaborates with key producers, fabricators and suppliers of a variety building components and materials globally.

Who we are
We are committed to continue introducing innovations that have, and will continue to change the face of the Industry. LuxxorSteel Construction views every Build as one more opportunity for an exciting and comprehensive solution. Our innovative construction methodology is only part of the answer to the structural deficiencies that continue to challenge the construction industry at large. Our corporate philosophy and business model is centered on the core belief that investment in innovation, progressive development and consistent implementation is the key to success. While our company takes pride in its current and past successes, our unwavering corporate focus continues to look towards new and dynamic opportunities of the future.