TheLXXG Advantages

Quality Controlled Distribution
Safety LuxxorGas’ foremost priority is the safe reliable operations of all its sites. The company strictly complies with internationally recognized HSE standards and conducts frequent reviews of all operations and procedures to continually maintain and enhance health and safety policy. LuxxorGas deploys advanced technology to monitor and compile detailed reports on equipment status and conditioning in real-time, enabling a proactive approach to maintenance. Stable Pressure Natural gas supplied from LXG is always stable. This is achieved via LXG’s proprietary load management systems, which ALWAYS keep supply tightly in line with varying demand levels; this is monitored both on site and remotely at our operations bases 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Supply Continuity To guarantee supply to our customers, LXG works according to stringent contractual quotas, in doing so, ensuring redundant supply capacity is always available for customers, should demand increase.

There are several LXXG customer service offices, run on an integrated platform. These offices are conveniently located in: the heart of Victoria Island, off the Lekki Expressway, Ikorodu, Lagos and in Ogijo, Ogun State. This extensive coverage ensures a prompt response to any potential issues or challenges that our customers may face.